Thursday, October 18, 2012

Film Festivals, reps and Texas barbecue...

So since I last updated, I've been to two more movie festivals (which I think makes 7 or 8 since I got to L.A.) - namely the LA Femme Film Festival, which concentrates on films made by or focussing on women, and the Bel Air Film Festival.

In both cases, I saw some really good packages of short films. But I'm gonna single out Bel Air because a. the screenings took place on the gorgeous UCLA campus and b. my friend's friend's short movie Atonal is brilliant. If it's showing at a festival near you, go see it. The performances in it are just outstanding and it looks amazing.

Apart from that, there's been a fair amount of going out on the razz and not a lot of networking. But all that's gonna change over the next 3 days cos I'm in Austin, Texas for this year's AFF. Bring on the talking, the parties, the panels and the people.

What makes this year even sweeter is that my script Last Girl Standing got to the Second Round of the festival's screenwriting competition, so I'm able to go to more events, got a discount off my ticket etc.

I've had some luck recently with representation - currently three management companies and one agent in L.A. are reading my work. But I'd like to meet more agents and managers face to face, and this festival - informal, access all areas - is perfect for that.

I'll update next week, by which time I'll have no voice left and will be so fat from eating barbecue (I'm even going to the notorious Salt Lick tomorrow) that they'll have to roll me onto the plane...

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