My Scripts

A shortlist of my completed scripts...

Searching for Summer (teen comedy)

A spoiled teenage pop superstar flees her shallow life in L.A. to live incognito as a normal high-school girl and tries to re-discover her true voice with the help of a nerdy young fan...

Searching for Summer is a comedy with heart that’s Hannah Montana meets Desperately Seeking Susan. It won the Atlantis Feature Screenplay Award at the 2011 Moondance Film Festival.

Last Girl Standing (comedy)

A money-hungry young lawyer plots to marry one of three girls who unwittingly stand to inherit 20 million dollars – but only if they’re the last girl standing at the altar...

Last Girl Standing has the same feel as Wedding Crashers – a conman meets his match when he sets out to make a fortune by getting married. A comedy about money, love and the lengths people will go to for both..

Last Girl Standing was a Second Rounder in the Austin Film Festival screenplay competition, reaching the top 10% of the competition entries.

The Heartstoppers (family horror comedy)

A nervous young boy must face his worst fears when he inadvertently resurrects his evil horror novelist ancestor and unleashes him and the horrible characters from his book on a small town at Halloween.

The Heartstoppers is Ghostbusters meets Gremlins, with a truly horrible villain and a hero that every kid (and some adults) will be able to identify with...

It was a second round qualifier in the Kaos Films British Feature Screenplay Competition.


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